Life Drawing Session at Leith School of Art

Last session of the year – had the pleasure of working with the model Topaz for a 4 hour drawing session, starting with quick poses then moving onto a single pose for three hours (with breaks of course). Very good pose – very well held.

Quick Sketches

the quick sketches started of with a few 5 minutes followed by one 10 minutes:

lsoa_10_dec_quick1 lsoa_10_dec_quick2

Finally a 15 minute quick sketch



Finished Painting:

Quite pleased with the finished painting. Starting to get a nice balance of texture, shape and colour. Working almost exclusively from a limited palette has helped keep a colour consistency throughout I think.


New sketch with Painter 2015

This is a painting from life done at Leith school of Art today using Corel Painter 2015 on a surface pro 3. I have created a composite below with a few close ups (click on image for 100% view) which shows some of the textures a bit better. Quite pleased with this one.



May 23rd Oil Sketch

lsoa may23 aAnother Saturday sketch done at Leith School of Art Saturday afternoon untutored life drawing.
Created in Artrage 4.5 on a surface pro 3 at 2880 by 4160 pixels. I started with a texture I had scanned originally and made a coloured background to start. My first sketches were the full figure which I almost always tend to do, so I decided to recompose to focus on the torso.


lsoa may23 bWas working essentially dark to light I took my time to build up the colours to allow the original colours to blend in.



I started with the oil pastel tools to get good colour blending, but after the first hour, started to build up with solid colour using the oil brushes.

lsoa may23 c



Will do a little post processing to add a bit more texture.



lsoa may23 d

Fantastic model – held a standing pose for 4 hours (with breaks) like a statue. respect.





Sketch on New Surface Pro 3

Today was my first chance to try out the surface pro 3 down at Leith School of Art.


A 4 hour session using Artrage 4.5.4.



Initial impression are extremely favourable. 4 hours work and still had 42% battery left. Stylus is not quite as slick as Wacom ones, but actually very usable and responsive. I7 handled image at 4280 * 2880 without breaking sweat.

Life Drawing Sketches

Output from tonight’s 3 hour session. Again using Art Rage on Wacom Cintiq

[singlepic id=217 w=600 h=600 float=none]


[singlepic id=218 w=600 h=600 float=none]


[singlepic id=219 w=600 h=600 float=none]

A quick play with ArtRage on Android

Had a quick look at Art Rage which is now available for android. The first one used the canvas texture which came out a little chunky at A2 print size, but otherwise worked quite well

My Chair


The second one used the course canvas and slightly less textures paint. Actually quite pleased with how this prints out at A2. Needs enlarged as Art Rage still has file size limits which are quite small – 2048 pixel max.

Fruit bowl_001


Digital life drawing practice

Spent 4 hours on saturday 11th October 2014 down at Leith School of Art (LSoA) drawing Michael. this was done on the Wacom Cintiq Hybrid using Artflow. What I like about artflow is that it works very smoothly with high resolution images (up to 4096 by 4096) and has some nice brush categories.

Overall really enjoyable – only downside with artflow is that I can’t record it as a video yet!

After first session (45 mins)

focus on roughing out shapes and trying to keep things nice and loose

Michael 01 1024

After second session (45 mins)

Trying to get the tonal balance closer and get a bit of detail in the face

Michael 02 1024

After third session (45 mins)

Bringing through the form and looking for warm and cool in the flesh

Michael 03 1024w

After final session (45 mins)

trying to tighten things up without becoming too detailed

Michael final 1024w


LSoA Practice

Good to be back

sat_20th_04 Sat_20th_05  sat20th_01

It is very nice to be back doing some digital life drawing down at Leith School of Art. this was the first time using a combination of the Wacom Cintiq hybrid and Corel mobile painting program. The first three images above were 15 minute sketches. the one below was a 45 minute sketch. Will hopefully be going back to this next week. for a much longer session.


Older Digital Painting – Part 4

So this set of digital painting images is a slightly different set – I was playing around with the snap-art plug in for Photoshop that I sometimes use. The idea was to get a sense of what an image might look like when painted, and to use it as part of the workflow to refine the digital image and composition first. Because you can save the settings in snap-art, you can easily go back and edit the original image in various ways and then quickly “re-paint” to see if the idea works better.









Not Digital Painting

So technically these are not #digitalPainting works in the strict sense, but more an exploration of how another digital tool can be used as part of the overall workflow. At this point I started to explore changes in format and spent a bit more time in #Photoshop first, and going back and forward:

digital painting using snap art



Next one is an intentionally erotic and provocative image – but I really like the composition, lighting and colour – I can see this making a bigger painting



Comparing “Digital Painting” with “Real” Art

So at this point, I found I had got a lot out of the experimenting, so I thought I would see how the snap art digital painting compared to a real painting:

Snap art:



Real Oil Painting 48″ by 24″


This is really interesting looking back at it. I spent quite a long time doing preliminary studies before doing the main painting to explore and find ideas. I could probably have done that in a fraction of the time using snap art in the workflow. I have drifted away from using snap art again, but looking back at these, I can see that I can make better use of it before starting another image.

Older Digital Painting – Part 3

Back to reviewing the digital painting I have done this year. This #digitalPainting was to play with texture and digital tools but also to bring a slightly surreal element with digital tools. It again plays with the concept of multiple views using mirrors, but also with multiple time elements which was interesting.

109b Josie Standing

Digital Painting of Josie standing in front of mirror


110 Digital Painting of Bees in the Garden


Not my usual figurative subject, but wanted a little bit of a change. Again playing with texture and colour. Trying to keep some interest in the darks, a theme that returns increasingly in future paintings.


111 Digital Painting of Josie sitting by mirror


Obviously didn’t get far with this one. Started with very loose textured photo clone & then recovered some detail, before starting to introduce some colour. Some nice colours emerging, but felt that this was immediately too photographic.


113 Josie Sitting – abstract

blog_113_ Digital Painting of Josie Sitting - abstract

Having fairly quickly abandoned the previous digital painting, I decided to start a similar one in a much more abstract way. It then gradually began to be refined. This is already several stages on. Again I am trying to keep the dark colours “light” and interesting, equivalent to the traditional technique of keeping dark colour very thin and translucent so that they don’t go “dead” on the painting.

blog_113_ Digital Painting of Josie Sitting - refined

I worked on this one for quite a bit longer, and looking back now, this was one of the stronger pieces from the year. I am quite pleased with the general feel – nice balance between neutrals and colours and a better sense of abstract versus realism.