Video – iPad sketch of Girl sitting

Continuing the review of slightly older work, this was a digital painting done, starting from life to sketch out various ideas, then using a reference photo to work on digitally

This was the output from the set of thumbnail sketches from life – just looking at various composition options. Like the last option of the drawing sort of breaking out of it’s border

Tried to go with that theme and select an area to focus on


Stage 1 with a lot of the shapes roughed in. Was trying to use a lot of text and texture brushes to keep small level detail interesting


After a bit more refinement with some wash brushes to darken and bring up the contrast


Towards the end, with some texture being vrought in

Overall, the break-out effect of the final piece isn’t quite as subtle as the original drawing and the harder borders of the painted image work against the looseness that the drawing had, but overall, lots of nice elements in this.