Learn To Draw

A few years back I made a couple of drawing courses. I created these to help people learn to draw, but also to help me think about what I was doing. I really enjoyed putting these together. Originally these were part of the site that I charged a subscription for. I have now decided to make these available for free.

The material included a guide to the artist’s process to discuss how people tend to learn about art (particularly if they don’t get any sort of formal art education).

This was followed by the Basic drawing course which covered 20 lessons on basic drawing skills, published as a PDF. There were no videos for these.

This was then followed by the Intermediate drawing course which was again published as a PDF, but also had a number of video tutorials to assist. There are 16 video modules in all, listed on the right. All this material is made available here.


You are welcome to use these for personal use, or to assist with teaching. All copyright is retained by Basement Picasso. Please do not re-publish these. You may not resell this content.


The Basics

The Intermediate Material


This material is all provided free of charge – however, if you would like to contribute towards the maintenance of the site, and help me produce new training material, please let me know how helpful you found this material.