Rebelle Brushes

Lets start with the good stuff! FREE brushes!! To install these brushes:


  1. Download the brush (a PNG file)
  2. Open your Rebelle 5 Software
  3. Go to the correct brush section
  4. Right-click on the menu icon top right
  5. Select Import Brush Preset
  6. Browse to the downloaded file

Oily Chaos

This brush starts off at low pressure with random text and shapes, but at full pressure makes a solid mark. It is great for early stages making very random marks to begin with.

Download PBS Chaos Brush 8 (FREE !!)

Right-Click and “Save Link As…”

Oil Sketch

This is essential a pencil brush for Oil sketching, but faint parallel lines make for a more interesting and looser sketch

Download PBS Oily pencil 2 ( FREE !! )

Right-Click and “Save Link As…”