Second Video for Rebelle 5

Back at the end of 2021 I was delighted to be selected as a featured artist for Rebelle Art software by Escape Motions. Some of my work is now featured on Escape Motion Site. I have done a couple of one-hour tutorial videos for them, and the second one is now live.

Digital Painting using Rebelle 5

In this 1 hour demonstration I show you the whole process, all the steps & all the assets that I use. There is a combination of real-time footage for the key steps and time-lapse to speed up the whole demo – but all fully narrated.

Session One – Initial Work

  • Getting started – picking initial colours
  • Time lapse – initial block in
  • Initial loose sketch added – lines coloured
  • Time lapse – second block in
  • Adding shadow mask & wash
  • Time lapse – initial shadow wash
Output from session 1

Session Two – Structure and Texture

  • Time lapse – painting / freehand washes
  • Adding random marks
  • Time lapse – marks, painting and washes
Session 2 output

Session Three – Adding Detail

  • Adding red background & random text
  • Time-lapse – painting and washes
  • Adding detailed sketch & colouring lines
  • Time lapse – colour lines
  • Zoomed in detail work
  • Time lapse – detailed painting
Output from session 3

Session Four – Refining Detail

  • Adding a detailed mask
  • Time lapse – darkest washes & detail
  • Adding random finishing touches
Final image