Art Review 2017 #1


This is the first article in a review of work done over the last year or so. It is always good to try and look back at some of the work that was done and think back to what I was aiming for or thinking about. Quite often I find that images I got really fed up with or gave up on, when you review them later with fresh eyes seem better than I remember.

First one is an iPad sketch/painting that was later worked on in ArtRage. Has some nice texture and marks but was one of many that struggled with balance of marks & size versus strength of texture.

350-05-Pose A Face and hand


In the next one I was trying to get bigger shape/marks to get more interest, but started to struggle with losing a lot of definition. Probably needed more detail in the centre of interest around the fingers and toes.

350-03-Josie-B-Hand and foot

The next four were output from playing with a plugin called PostWorkshop 3 (now replaced by PhotoDonut). Spent quite a while looking at trying to mimic (and develop) my drawing process


353-21 texture


353-23 texture

Get some quite nice abstract sort of renderings but ultimately had a lot of issue trying to scale the work up (worked well & quickly at lower resolutions but was extremely slow and crashed a lot at higher ones)

353-24 texture

353-25 texture