Digital life drawing practice

Spent 4 hours on saturday 11th October 2014 down at Leith School of Art (LSoA) drawing Michael. this was done on the Wacom Cintiq Hybrid using Artflow. What I like about artflow is that it works very smoothly with high resolution images (up to 4096 by 4096) and has some nice brush categories.

Overall really enjoyable – only downside with artflow is that I can’t record it as a video yet!

After first session (45 mins)

focus on roughing out shapes and trying to keep things nice and loose

Michael 01 1024

After second session (45 mins)

Trying to get the tonal balance closer and get a bit of detail in the face

Michael 02 1024

After third session (45 mins)

Bringing through the form and looking for warm and cool in the flesh

Michael 03 1024w

After final session (45 mins)

trying to tighten things up without becoming too detailed

Michael final 1024w